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Takoyaki bowl

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I first had Takoyaki (small balls of dashi flavoured batter usually with Octopus in the centre) when my husband and I were working on a volunteer project in Japan.
They are now one of my favourite foods and something that I've tried to make for a while. After a fair few failed attempts at making them, it seems that I've
got it. Hazaar!

takoyaki pan   10390252_10154240059455585_3694487103002974617_n   takoyaki

Left: my Takoyaki pan. Centre: us and our Takoyaki in Osaka, Japan. Right: covered in Japanese worcestershire sauce, mayo, spring onions and dried bonito flakes.


After this culinary success I decided that I needed a dedicated Takoyaki bowl. I ordered some ceramic pens (I prefer the Pebeo 150 Porcelain markers), picked up a
plain white bowl and sketched one of my favourite creatures, the Kraken onto it. After finishing the design, all I had to do to make it food and dishwasher safe was
to bake it for 30 minutes until the paint set.

photo 1   kraken bowl   kraken bowl  

My finished Takoyaki bowl with Kraken design using the Pebeo ceramic markers.







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