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It's taken a while, but I finally got to ink up my Sperm Whale lino-cut today. Originally it was just supposed to be a quick card for a friend's birthday, but I couldn't stop carving once I got started. I'm pretty happy with the print, so I've decided to pop it on tote bags and make it available to y'all.


Sketch on lino   Print   Fabric paint on stamp

Above: my original sketch on the lino, the blank tote and materials (I use Speedball fabric block printing inks) and the stamp getting inked up.


The design is my own, inspired by a life-time of chasing Cetaceans and my husbands obsession with Moby Dick. The tote is available with a turquoise or black
print of the Sperm Whale. For more info or to order, please visit my Teeny Wee Shop.


Moby Dick Tote   Moby Dick Print   Moby Dick Tote

Above: The finished Moby Dick tote bag.







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